Winter & Mann

We have opened a store in Yungaburra to draw together the best manufacturers, hobbyists, artists, farmers, growers, and producers to sell the best of North Queensland.

We have been discerning and want to have a ‘wow factor’ or induce amazement in all of our products.

Visually the store is spectacular having been fitted with some of the best locally sourced timber for stunning varnished bench tops, shelving, and gum stumps.

Stuart Mann

Stuart Mann is a 4th generation cane farmer born and raised in Edmonton who despite having a background as a lawyer and banker has always felt the calling back to the ‘the dirt’ which is reflected in the signage on their store by way of the rich red colouring reflecting the tablelands soil that he and his father marvelled over all their lives.

Stuart has seen Yungaburra evolve over the years and now having moved here permanently wanted to be a part of the community that he loves so much.

“You’d struggle to find more genuine and friendlier people than what you get on the Atherton Tablelands and being able to bring together over 100 local suppliers, growers, manufacturers all locally based and operating into our store allows us to connect with some of the most genuine.”

Anna Winter

Anna’s experience ranges from managing her own business as a Multi-Site Operator in the Petrol and Convenience industry to working as a Deli Manager in Coles. Her employment history is diverse. She has received numerous awards along the way, including being nominated twice for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award.

Anna was awarded the National Retailer of the Year in 2010 by one of her major suppliers and has also received a number of awards from the local Chamber of Commerce for Customer Service and Business of the Year. Her operational success has led to guest speaking roles at industry events, providing inspiration to ‘keep the retailer dream alive’ by connecting community and retailing. 

Her success is not just about processes, systems, and structures. For Anna, it is about people. 

Anna’s love of water, sport, adventure, travel, and family explain her nature. She dares to challenge the status quo and embraces change, always prepared for the new and unexpected.

As a keen organic gardener, she loves being able to grow her own products and turn them into culinary delights. It’s these pleasures that allow Anna to maintain a strong work-life balance, a core commitment she has made to herself to maintain health and well-being in her busy life. 

A community-minded, loyal, and supportive businesswoman.