Australiana Tastes bush Plum Croc Jerky


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Get ready to unleash your inner Aussie with our Bush Plum Croc Jerky – the wild snack that'll have you saying "Crikey!" with every bite! Made from premium crocodile meat infused with the tangy goodness of bush plum, this jerky is a true taste of the Outback.

But hold onto your hats – our Bush Plum Croc Jerky isn't just delicious, it's as Aussie as a kangaroo riding a surfboard! Packed with protein and bursting with flavor, it's the perfect snack for fueling your adventures or taming those hunger pangs.

So why settle for ordinary jerky when you can sink your teeth into something truly wild? Grab a pack of our Bush Plum Croc Jerky today and get ready for a flavor adventure that'll make you feel like a true Outback legend!

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