Bryn Hill – Australian Mixed Citrus


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This attractive jar of colourful, dried citrus pieces is a must have for any occasion. Handcrafted in Australia from local citrus fruit, grown on small family farms in Tropical North Queensland including Bryn Hill, the addition of native Australian finger limes is a unique treat.

Our dried fruits are hand picked fresh and in season, washed, sliced then freeze dried in small batches to ensure they do not lose their beneficial properties. They are 100% natural-no added sugar. Use of low temperatures during drying maintains optimum colour and nutritional attributes.

Ingredients: 100% Australian citrus: finger lime + lime + lemon + orange

Origin: Atherton Tablelands, QLD, Australia

Harvested: 2023

Net Weight: 65g glass jar

Preparation: Freeze dried


Cocktails/ mocktails as a garnish


Tea infusions

Homemade soaps and candles

Hot and cold beverages-tea, hot chocolate, wine, soft drink




Our citrus pieces are presented in an air-tight jar to ensure the integrity of each fruit's flavour, aroma and nutritional properties. Please close the jar immediately after each use to minimise moist air entry.

Due to their very low moisture content, freeze dried products will remain in perfect condition for up to 20 years if stored in an air tight container away from light. However, these citrus pieces are made to be used so please don't wait 20 years to use them.

The attractive jars can be reused for storage, organisation, or decoration!

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