Bush Tukka Guide – 2nd Edition – Samantha Martin


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In this second, refreshed edition of Samantha Martin’s bestselling Bush Tukka Guide, readers will discover additional bush foods, recipes and updated information in a handy, field guide format.

Known as the Bush Tukka Woman, Jaru woman Samantha was born into a long line of traditional hunters and gatherers. She grew up learning the layout of the land and surrounding waters, and what's in season, from her mother and First Nations Elders. This new edition includes over 20 extra bush foods with all new photography and Samantha's own artwork.

Across three chapters covering plants, animals and recipes, Samantha shows us how to identify bush tukka with detailed descriptions of each plant and animal species, supported by distribution maps and warnings if any parts of a bush food are toxic. Learn how to identity native flora such as Kakadu plums and lemon myrtle leaves, and discover the nutritional value of magpie goose and green ants. Samantha has included many delicious recipes like bunya nut pesto, lemon myrtle slow-cooked kangaroo and caramelised cluster figs with ice-cream.

With this field guide, you can learn what First Nations People have known for centuries about the abundance of bush foods on Country.

About the Author

Samantha Martin is a descendant of the Jaru from the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. Her upbringing nurtured an inherent passion and interest in the nutritional properties and natural health benefits of Australian bush foods. Samantha is dedicated to helping others introduce native foods into their kitchens and sharing her knowledge of how to hunt, gather, prepare and cook native bush foods. Well known for her four-part documentary My Bush Tukka Adventures with Samantha Martin, screened on SBS/NITV, Samantha has been dubbed the 'Bush Tukka Woman'.

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