Charley’s Dark Plus Signature Collection Beach Coconut


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Made in Mission Beach Australia

In Australia, cocoa only grows in a narrow coastal strip of Tropical North Queensland. This is the home of Charley’s!

The cocoa for this Signature Collection chocolate is grown in the fertile soils of the Tully River Valley, Queensland. This fruity chocolate adds a touch of sweetness to the naturally grown, handpicked coconut from Tropical North Queensland’s glorious beaches. A truly amazing Australian tropical taste sensation.

Single Origin means that the cocoa beans come only from a specified region and are not blended with others, similar to fine wine. In mass produced chocolate these differences in flavour and aroma are “blended out”. In our “Origin” chocolate we celebrate these differences as we bring you a unique product.

This Signature chocolate is hand crafted in Mission Beach Queensland, and topped with organic coconuts harvested from the beaches in Far North Queensland.

Fine chocolate is one of life’s ultimate food experiences. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (95%). (Cocoa beans (PNG), Sugar (Australia), Cocoa butter (Venezuela or Peru), Soy Lecithin (Germany)). Dried Coconut Chips (5%)(Australia), Dark Chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids

Allergy Advice: Contains Soy May contain traces of Tree Nuts (Macadamias).

Storage: Best refrigerated, then allow to warm slightly before enjoying.

Our dark chocolate is gluten free and suitable for Vegans. We do NOT use palm oil, palm oil derivatives, flavours, stabilisers or flavour enhancers.




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