Debra Gavranich – The Girl Who Left


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Discover the captivating tale of "The Girl Who Left: From Croatia to the Canefields" – a gripping migrant story that spans continents and generations.

Set against the backdrop of post-war Europe, Marija, a young woman from the idyllic island of Korčula, makes a daring leap into the unknown. With only photographs and letters exchanged, she embarks on a proxy marriage to a sugarcane farmer in Far North Queensland, seeking escape from the traumas of her past.

From the hills of Croatia to the cane fields of tropical Queensland, Marija's journey is one of courage, resilience, and love. Despite facing adversity and loneliness, she builds a new life alongside her devoted husband, shaping the future for generations to come.

Join Marija as she navigates the challenges of migration, language barriers, and cultural differences, showcasing the indomitable spirit of those who risk everything for a chance at a better life.

"The Girl Who Left" is more than just a story – it's a testament to the rich tapestry of Australia's multicultural heritage, where every sacrifice and hardship contributes to the vibrant mosaic of our nation.

Embark on this unforgettable journey today and discover the true meaning of courage, love, and belonging.

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