Lakeland Produce – Papaya Sweet Chili Hot Organic 250ml


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Papaya Sweet Chilli Sauce-Hot| 250ml| Organic papaya, organic onion, organic red capsicum, organic birds eye chilli, organic vinegar, organic raw sugar, organic garlic, salt| Introducing our Hot Papaya Sweet Chilli Sauce. Perfect for those who enjoy more heat in a tantalizing fusion of sweet and spicy. Made with sun ripened papaya, wild grown birds-eye chillies and a blend of spices, this sauce is bursting with flavour. Drizzle over grilled chicken, use as a dipping sauce for springrolls or a zesty twist to stirfry. Enjoy your culinary creations with the exotic natural flavour of papaya combined with the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Spice up your meals with our Hot Papaya Sweet Chilli Sauce

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