Mandy Magro – Gum Tree Gully


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Bestselling Australian romance author Mandy Magro tells a heartwarming story of homecoming and love against all the odds.

Would you give up everything for love?

Samantha Evans may have been born and bred in the country, but over the years she has adapted to, and loves, her big-city life in London. She's reached heights of success in her business that she'd never dreamed of achieving back in Australia. When her best friend's wedding forces her to return to her beautiful Queensland hometown of Gum Tree Gully, fate reminds Sammie about everything, and everyone, she left behind, including her childhood sweetheart, Connor Gunn. Now a handsome and kind cattle farmer, he harbours a tragic secret he can't share with anyone. That is, until Sammie comes back to town.

Samantha soon learns her country blood runs much deeper than she allowed herself to believe, so too do the intense feelings she's carried for Connor all these years. But her life is overseas now, while his is in Gum Tree Gully. Living on opposite sides of the world, with oceans and long-held secrets standing between them, is there any hope for their love to prevail?


'A deliciously blissful romance that will have you hooked from beginning to end.' – Better Reading

'Mandy Magro is a novelist who continues to go from strength to strength and Home Sweet Home is another earnest story from this big-hearted storyteller.' – Mrs B's Book Reviews

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