Renee Hayes – The Girl Who Freed The Darkness


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Prepare to be captivated once more by Renee Hayes' masterful storytelling as she delves deeper into the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Rim Walker universe. With accolades from Publishers Weekly, you're in for a journey that will leave you spellbound and craving more.

* Highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed The Girl Who Broke the World * Unbreakable alliances and unexpected turns * Mysteries of the Dark Rim unveiled * An otherworldly power's shocking plans revealed.

Hold your breath as Renee Hayes returns to the captivating Rim realms in the highly anticipated sequel, The Girl Who Freed the Darkness. After the shattering events of her first book, Zemira Creedence's life takes an unexpected turn – she's cursed, possessed by the unconquerable spirit of former Rim guardian, Kyeitha. With her powers waning and darkness threatening to consume her, Zee must join forces with her former captor, Ravaryn Black. Together, they journey to the perilous Dark Rim, unveiling secrets that could change their world forever. As evil forces stir and unimaginable plans unfurl, can Zemira and Ravaryn prevail, or will an ancient power reshape their destinies?

Get ready to be swept away once again when you join Renee's courageous heroine as she faces untold challenges, unravels mysteries and confronts the shadows that bind her destiny. For young and new adults seeking an immersive fantasy escape, this spellbinding sequel will transport you to a world of wonder, danger and self-discovery. Don't miss out on the epic continuation of this mesmerising story!


'The Girl Who Broke the World is a masterfully told post-apocalyptic tale will captivate lovers of YA fantasy….Lyrical prose leaps off the page, ending in a gentle tease that will have readers eager for more. Readers who have a love of powerful world-building and multi-layered characters will be eager for more.' BookLife Review for Publisher's Weekly – Editor's pick for book of outstanding quality

'Renee Hayes has crafted a richly detailed post-apocalyptic world with a plot that offers surprise after surprise, and well- developed characters with complex relationships that you absolutely root for, or love to hate.' Jamie Michele for Readers Favourite

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