Skybury Roast Coffee 1kg – Dark/whole Bean


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Delicious Australian grown coffee, roasted and blended to make this classic house roast. This blend is hand crafted and served in our Café on the Atherton Tablelands.

Our house roast is a perfect blend between the medium and dark roast at a 2:1 ratio. The medium roast is smooth and well rounded while the dark roast cuts through milk based coffee drinks and leaves a rich mouth feel. By blending these two beautiful roasts, we deliver a beautifully balanced coffee that exceeds the expectations of most palates.

Tasting Notes

Origin: Mareeba, 520 metres, QLD, Australian

Roast Profile: 66% Medium Roast + 33% Medium Dark Roast (house roast)

Size: Screen 16/18 (running screen)

Processing style: Washed with full ferment, light and immature rejection

Aroma: Rich Coffee, with dark chocolate aroma

Taste: Buttery chocolate, lime hint, rich mouth feel, natural sweetness

Acidity: Medium (+)

Finish (after taste): Excellent

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