The Peanut Project – Smunchy Salted Peanut Butter 365g


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Smooth and salty with a little crunch – The Peanut Project 

Grown on the Tablelands in iron-rich soils, our premium Australian peanuts are ground locally in Palm Cove to create our famous 100% natural, small-batch Peanut Butter.

This delicious, smooth and crunchy spread contains nothing but Tolga peanuts with a hint of sea-salt. No additives, preservatives, or other nasty ingredients commonly found in commercial peanut butters! 

The Peanut Project's Smunchy Peanut Butter offers the perfect balance between our smooth and crunchy peanut butter with a distinct nutty and slightly salty flavour unique to the Tableland's peanuts, which makes it so unforgettable.

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