Yeppoonie Smoothie – Good Evening Blend 450gms


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How does it taste?

The malty flavour of this blend is reminiscent of Horlicks hot malt drink I used to have as a child minus the sugar content. It does have quite a strong malt component. With zero sugar it will need some honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar or banana perhaps, if you desire a little touch of sweetness,


Faba Protein Powder, Plant Protein Powder, Malt Powder, Flaxseed Gold Meal, Green Banana Resistant Starch.

ALLERGEN: Contains Malt . Manufactured in a peanut-free facility where almond and walnut are present.

Nutritional Information

(based on 45g serve):

Energy 866.5kj Kj / 164.5 cal

Protein 21.7g

Fat – Total 2.9g (mono <1g, poly 1.9, <1g, trans <0.1g)

Carbohydrate 9.1g

Sugar <1g

Sodium 112.5mg

Dietary Fibre 7.2g

Why is it different?

No whey protein, stevia, gums, or other junk in our mix, this particular blend contains gluten though which contains malt. The plant protein is grown in South Australia, faba protein from the Wimmera in Victoria, Golden flaxeed from nearby Hamilton in Vic, and Green banana powder from Sunny QLD.

Malted drinks contain a good source of vitamin B, iron, zinc, plus magnesium and phosphorus, which are great to help your body relax and wind down, so it can promote a good night's sleep.


We include a recipe card to get you started with blending ideas. The powders are for blending in smoothies, smoothie bowls or your morning cereal. Great in porridge when it is cool!

Any other tips?

You can heat this one over the stove with oat milk for a nice warming evening treat. It feels more evening-ish heated too. And the added bonus – sweet dreams will follow! Add some chai style spices – cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise etc, they suit this one really well. Otherwise it is great just with berries, banana and almond milk.

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