Yeppoonie Smoothie – Good Morning Blend 450gms


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Start your day right with the super popular Good Morning blend which makes a delicious thick-shake smoothie. Filling as well as nutritious, it contains a hearty dose of brown flaxseed so you get the all-important fibre kick in the morning.

How does it taste?

This one has a slightly nutty/cereal flavour – there is no sweet or weird aftertaste. It will fill you up for hours!

We include a recipe card to get you started with blending ideas. The powders are for blending in smoothies, smoothie bowls or your morning cereal. Great in porridge when it is cool!

No whey protein, stevia, gums, or other junk in our good morning blend mix. Fabulous plant-based protein from the Wimmera in Victoria, flaxseed from nearby Hamilton in Vic, and Green banana powder from Sunny QLD.

How to make?

Blend our smoothie powder with your preferred milk such as almond, soy or low fat dairy. We love the good morning blend with frozen berries and banana. You can also blend these with less liquid to make a Smoothie bowl. Check-out our recipes in the Powder info page or visit our Youtube Channel for ideas.


Brown Flaxseed Meal, Faba Protein Powder, Sweet Golden Potato Powder, Green Banana Resistant Starch, Yacon Powder, Natural Almond Meal.

ALLERGEN: Contains Almond. Manufactured in a peanut-free facility where gluten and walnut are present.

Nutritional Info (based on 45gram serve):

Energy 166cal / 697.5KJ

Protein 12.2g

Fat – total 5.4g (monounsaturated 2.4g, polyunsaturated 2.6g) nil Trans & nil Saturated

Carbohydrate 11.5g

Sugar 2.6g (naturally occurring)

Sodium 49.5mg

Dietary Fibre 11.8g

New 900GM Good Morning Bag now available!

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